How it works

ENGLISH - Relief stimuli through the skin

Blockades and pain, which are triggered by stress and strain can be resolved by physical discharge. The connection between the body and the outside world is the skin. It is a complex organ, which is equipped with thousands of sensors (receptors). It tells us what happens outside of the body (cold, heat, pressure ...) and also how the body feels inside (stress, nervousness, anxiety ...). The skin visibly reacts with redness, chills sweating, inflammation etc. We all know and experience it almost daily. Thus, the skin is also capable of deep elicit reactions inside the body by using the receptors.

POSITIVE influences

Positive effects(relief stimuli) to the skin, especially through the lattice tapes are perceived pleasant and beneficial to us. We can relax, let go, enjoy. The blockages are loosened. We are feeling getting better.

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Latice Tape closeup